• Dental Assisting Recruitment Materials

    Minnesota has an urgent need for dental assistants. Our shortage of dental assistants has worsened our dental access and health inequities. The Minnesota Oral Health Coalition, Minnesota Dental Association and the Early Childhood Dental Network have come together to develop a Dental Assisting Recruitment project. We have developed several communication pieces, which are below.

    If you would like more information about how to use these products or would like your logo on them, please connect with the MOHC.

    We also have a Dental Assistant Coordinator, LeAnn Schoenle, working in the West Central part of the state. She has recorded a recruitment video for everyone's use. You may find it on the MOHC YouTube Channel.

    Is Dental Assisting Right for Me flyer

    Dental Assisting Schools in Minnesota

    Dental Assisting Recruitment Power Point

  • Nearly every goal in the Minnesota Oral Health Coalition's (MOHC) Strategic Plan revolves around connecting, sharing and being a resource for anything oral health related in Minnesota. 

    We have begun creating "INFOMARS" which are our own version of webinars, for our membership.  Below is a link to a DropBox folder where you will find the most up to date recordings of the Infomars.  

    Dropbox of Informars

    If you would like to present, we are always on the lookout for interesting people, topics, programs and organizations.  Connect with our Executive Director to talk if over. 

    In the meantime, enjoy!