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Optimal oral health for all Minnesotans

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Welcome !

The Minnesota Oral Health Coalition welcomes you. If you have a personal or professional interest in oral health in Minnesota, we invite you to become a coalition member today

Our Mission

To support Minnesota's oral health community through partnerships, resources and outreach.

Our Vision

Optimal oral health for all Minnesotans.


February 8 – 12, 2021

Meet with legislators and their staff via Zoom, share your oral health experiences, and educate
our lawmakers on why oral health is an important part of whole body health.

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Minnesota Oral Health Coalition responsibilities:
Advertise/publicize the week among legislature, Governor’s office, relevant state agencies and media
Create a sign-up form on our website
Develop social media posts and other promotional opportunities for participants
Develop one-page for all participants
Assist in developing a one-page for each clinic or organization participating in the Virtual Oral Health Week on the Hill 2021, if needed
Work with participants to schedule visits
Offer additional opportunities for learning; talks with lobbyists and legislators
Provide Zoom technology
Monitor and assist participants during the Virtual Oral Health Week on the Hill 2021
Support follow-up thank you and communications with legislators
Administer a survey to participants about their experience with the Virtual Oral Health Week on the Hill 2021
Compile feedback to assess the quality of the event for participants

Participants’ responsibilities:
Sign up with the MOHC, providing all necessary information to help us identify your legislators
Complete a one-page information sheet about your organization
Watch the “Hill Visit Infomar” for anyone who is new to legislative meetings
Send invitations to legislators with whom you have a relationship with a personal note
Publicize on social media and other media
Follow-up with the MOHC by providing a brief summary of meeting
Send a thank you to legislators


The Minnesota Oral Health Coalition invites you to join us for our annual conference

Tuesday December 8, from 11am - 2pm * Doors open at 10:45am

This year being held via Zoom

Conference Schedule

Conference Presenter Biographies


The MOHC is offering additional Infomars (our webinars) on a wide range of subjects, as well as provide social engagement,
all with the help of Zoom - scroll down for connection information.  All presentations are recorded and available anytime. Click this LINK to access them.

Minnesota Oral Health Coalition STRATEGIC PLAN

Goal 1: Encourage and Leverage partnerships to build a strong foundation for oral health promotion and access in Minnesota


  • Continually seek out partnerships that add value to the mission and vision of the MOHC
  • Understand, acknowledge and respect the mission and values of our partners
  • Design and uphold a culture of collaborative entrepreneurship
  • Maintain open communication that preserves and protects trust among partners
  • Celebrate and extol the relationships between the MOHC and its partners

Objective 1: Serve as the “hub” in a wheel and spoke model

Objective 2: Educate and share information on oral health public policy with partners and other stakeholders

Goal 2: Develop programs, products and systems to enhance and support Minnesota’s oral health community


  • Collaborate with membership to identify solutions for the common good of the majority of Minnesota’s oral health community
  • Programs, products and systems are created with input from diverse and experienced members
  • Members’ needs are understood, and outcomes are trusted and valued by the oral health community
  • Activities of the MOHC are evaluated to determine their value to the oral health community

Objective 1: Create a statewide public information campaign to raise awareness about oral health

Objective 2: Create a Catalog of Oral Health Programs & Initiatives in Minnesota

Objective 3: Identify, Make Available and Disseminate Evidence-based Oral Health Educational Materials

Objective 4: Create a media toolkit for oral health

Goal 3: Engage Minnesota Oral Health Coalition membership


  • Increase member and staff innovation and experimentation in the creation of new opportunities for engagement
  • Increase membership engagement by identifying and eliminating barriers to participation and through technological innovation
  • Create opportunities for professional growth by offering training opportunities to meet the changing needs of members
  • Continue to enhance a web presence that engages members and the public
  • Design an environment that values and supports collaboration

Objective 1: Increase attendance at Annual Conference & Regional Meetings

Objective 2:  Create an Oral Health Leadership Program with the goal of developing state-wide leaders

Objective 3:  Offer media training for oral health partners statewide

Goal 4: Organizational Excellence; MOHC operates effectively, efficiently, creatively and in a socially responsible means to accomplish its mission


  1. Develop and sustain the resources to ensure the vitality of the coalition, its programs and services
  2. Enhance the coalition’s organizational structure to meet the changing needs of members
  3. Assess and continually improve products and services to better serve current members and to attract new members

Objective 1: Board of Directors and staff are fulfilling their responsibilities to the board and membership
bjective 2: Organization is fiscally prudent and abides by fiduciary responsibilities as stated in Minnesota Statute Chapter 317A


Get Involved: Join a Committee!

Outreach Committee

Outreach Committee meets via conference call the 4th Thursday of each month at noon. Email Us to be placed on the contact list for updates and meeting materials. For more information on committee see our Outreach Committee page

Policy & Learning Committee

Policy & Learning Committee meets via conference call the 3rd Tuesday of each month at noon. Email Us to be placed on the contact list for updates and meeting materials. For more information on committee see our Policy & Learning Committee page

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Check out our Resource page for new and updated materials, including our conference presentations.

Visit our YouTube Channel for 2017 Conference Presentations now live!

Please follow us on Twitter at @MNOralHealthCo or Facebook at the Minnesota Oral Health Coalition, or click on the links below.

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